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* Battleship NZ *


As his name implies, Battleship NZ was imported from New Zealand coming to America as a foal destined for the Standardbred race track. After racing for ten years, being started as many as forty two out of fifty two weeks each year, he was retired at the age of ten years old. Because of injuries sustained during his racing career, Battleship's ankles became nearly fused with osselets that precluded his ability to be considered a serviceable riding horse.

Facing certain premature death when his racing career was over, Battleship found his way to Unmistaken Stars Farm Sanctuary (US) where he has resided for the past twenty three years. Experiencing the freedom of a fenced area for the first time in his life after living in a stall for his previous years (it remains a common belief that turn out of racehorses put them at risk for injuries that would negatively impact their earning potential), Battleship most enjoys browsing for the freshest green sprouts and savory dandelions!

(Battleship at 32 years old.)

Now thirty three years old, Battleship's advanced age and subsequent dental deteoriation neccessitates an expensive specialized diet. He no longer is able to consume hay and must receive a diet of extruded pellets and soaked hay cubes. Battleship is looking for sponsors to assist with his monthly expenses.

Hay Cubes $40
Senior Feed - $152
Supplement - $54
Shavings - $105
Total Per Month - $351

Donations are welcomed through Paypal. Please designate if you are interested in providing ongoing sponsorship to Battleship (sponsors will be provided with monthly personal updates and photos of their sponsored animal) or, a one time donation to a particular animal. Donations not designated will be allocated to the animal most in need.


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