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Devoted to Making an Unmistaken Star of Your Canis Major.
Glen de Fir Dachshunds


Sirus as a puppy!

At Glen De Fir Dachshunds we are committed to producing the next Canis Major of your family. Whether your dog star need shine brightest in the living room, the show ring, in the field, or in the hearts of your family, we have devoted ourselves to breeding and nurturing Standard Smooth Dachshunds who will become your next Unmistaken Star.

[We feed our dogs and puppies better than ourselves with only the finest in organic and raw foods. Our dogs are immunized with homeopathic nosodes and we utilize titers to ensure ongoing immunity.]

Juel at age nine!

Our breeding philosophy is such that we do not breed frequently, all of our puppies are raised in the midst of our active family in our home environment (we do not have a kennel) and all of our dogs are included in every day family life. We believe early and diverse socialization is a crucial part of rearing a healthy sound puppy of any breed and to that end, we implement the SUPER DOG program for early imprinting/exposure to ensure our puppies are off to a great start! We, also, always utilize independent Puppy Aptitude Testing (PAT) when evaluating a litter to assure the best possible matches for our puppies and their guardians.

Willi's first Christmas!

Our introduction to Dachshunds began over 25 years ago when Ann purchased her foundation bitch,Nicola's Wilhelmina "Willi", from Dr. Nixon's line in 1978. Willi wiggled her way into our hearts and thus claimed our home for the future generations of Dachshunds to come! From Willi was born our first dog star, Sirius,whelped during the month of August under the Canis Major constellation, Sirius!

Alice Stearns and Rosie

Sirius's grandfather, Ch. Glen De Fir's Rosies Cavalier, belonged to the late Alice C. Stearns of Glen de Fir Kennels. When Alice passed away, it was her last wish that we carry on the breeding of exemplary Dachshunds to which she had dedicated 50 years of her life.

Alice in the 1970's

Alice entrusted us with the last of her line in the form of the outstanding Ch. Glen De Fir's Rosebuds Red Juel. And, now it is our honor to continue Alice's legacy of breeding Standard Smooth Dachshunds befitting a place amongst Unmistaken Stars.

(Young Alice Stearns in the 1970's)