Devoted to Making an Unmistaken Star of Your Canis Major.

Candid's of our Dachshunds, Rottweilers and Rescues
(past and present)

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Nicki and Sirius
(Nicola and Sirius in 1983)

Willi in 1981
(Willi in 1981)

Silver and Reiki
(Silver and Reiki)

Silver and family!
(Snoozing Silver and Mira, Lief, Reiki and Juel!)

Boo on Mount Watatic
(Boo enjoying the view from Mount Watatic)

Silver and Sirius (at age 17)
(Silver and, 17 year old Sirius)

Aster and his chipmunk!
(Aster and his favorite chewy chipmunk!)

Juel only  hours after whelping!
(Proud mother Juel, only hours after whelping)

Silver and Juel swim!
(Silver fishing and Juel swimming!)

Reiki under cover!
(Reiki under cover!)
Mystic and Silver!
(Mystic, Silver and Andria!)

Mira at 10 weeks old!
(Baby Mira and Andria!)

Mira and Lief!
(Mira and Lief ~ sisterly love!)

Reiki as a pup!
(Reiki and Lief as pups!)

Juel in the deep end!
(Silver fishing AGAIN and Juel way out in the deep end!)

Juel, the beaver!
(Juel, the beaver!)

Boo up close!
(Boo at 12 years of age!)

(Mira-Sue, sitting pretty!)


No room in bed for us three!

(No room in bed for young Megwei and Aster with mother Lief!)

Lief in the covers!
(Lief in the covers!)

Lief and Reiki comfortable as always!

(Lief and Reiki, comfortable as always!)

Silver and Juel readying to launch!
(Silver and Juel, readying to launch!)

Juel, the big splash!
(Juel, the ultimate cannonball! Always with head and tail above water!)

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