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Devoted to Making an Unmistaken Star of Your Canis Major.
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Welcome to Unmistaken Stars Farm Sanctuary

At Unmistaken Stars Farm Sanctuary, located in Central Massachusetts, we are seriously committed to the well being of your pet and to fostering the human animal bond through supportive integrative services for pets and their guardians. All of our services are offered from the comfort of a pastoral home environment designed to enhance the inner peace needed for health and healing.

When you visit our farm, you will be greeted by the many animal faces that share our lives, most whom have called our farm a safe haven from abuse and neglect. Many of these same animals, now healed, actively participate in the animal assisted activities offered here at Unmistaken Stars Farm Sanctuary.

Whether it be through Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Yoga on Horseback, Assistance Dog Training or one of our other complementary services, we are steadfast in our mission to provide a sanctuary where people and animals may help one another heal.

All proceeds directly benefit Unmistaken Stars Farm Animal Sanctuary,
a 501(c) 3 non-profit public charity. Donations Welcome.


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