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Megwei and Biggie Litter

Born 13 August 2006
4 Boys and 4 Girls
All Reds!

biggie megwei
Multi-BOB Am/Ch. Lucene's Crossfire of Landmark

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Thank you to our new owners...

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Without further ado, we are proud to introduce Megwei and Biggie's herd!

Pups in the incubator!
The eight red heads, only minutes old

Megwei belly up!
Megwei only hours after delivery!

Puppy Pile!
The Pumpkin Patch at 2 days old!


Yellow and blue pups
Yellow girl and Blue boy

Puppy Pile again!
Sleeping beauties three days old!

Megwei enjoying her pups!

Got mucho milk!?

Blue boy!

Blue boy, 3 days old

The piglets!
Orange Smiling!
The piglets at 4 days old!

Megwei with red
Red loves his Mummy!

Pink girl
Sleeping beauties...

Yellow and blue Megwei with her line up!


The herd at the milk bar!

Megwei, orange and yellowWhite, rainbow and yellow

Green speaks!

Green boy has alot to say!

Blue stand!Rainbow!
White boy and orangeGreen on his back!

Yellow girl and green boy

Megwei and Biggie's pups are one week old!
And in one week they ALL gained 10 ounces!

Blue boy at one week!
Blue boy

White boy at one week!
White boy

Green boy at one week old!
Green boy

Lief and Blue
Proud grandmother Lief, with blue boy

Lief with yellow
And, grandma-ma with yellow girl

Line up!
The feast!

Yellow girl!
Yellow girl

Orange bat girl!
Bat girl Orange!

Orange sleeping
Orange girl

Rainbow at one week!
Rainbow girl

Megwei in hiding!
Where's Megwei?!?

White boy snoozing!
White boy

Blue and a pile of puppies!
Blue boy, green boy, yellow girl and rainbow girl enjoying a snooze!

Yellow girl!
Yellow girl

Orange ears!
She may be all ears but just don't tell Orange she is chubby!

Three little girls!
Three of the girls, yellow, rainbow and pink

Red boy
Red boy

Pink and blue
Pink girl and blue boy

Orange girl
Orange girl

Pink girl
Pink girl

Rainbow girl
Rainbow girl

Yellow's head
Yellow girl, up close

Chubbo Rainbow!
Pleasingly plump, Ms. Rainbow!

Megwei on her back!
Sleeping beauty and her babes

Lunch time!
Lunch time for the herd!

Orange, yellow and blue!
Orange and yellow girls and their brother, blue

Pups in bed!
Babies in bed at 10 days old!

Sleeping rainbow!
Rainbow enjoying a snooze!

Green boy at 11 days
Green boy at 12 days of age

Despite our 24 hour attendance and extraordinary vigilance, we lost our beloved Green boy to suffocation. Sadly, we have since learned that 20% of litters suffer a catastrophic loss of this nature within two weeks of birth. In light of the circumstances of his death, we have chosen to remove most of the identifying ribbons from the other seven pups in an attempt to prevent the possibility of any other sources of tragedy from ever occuring and will do our best to consistently label each picture with the puppies original colored ribbon.

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane
I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. - Unknown

Green boy
Our hearts are broken over the loss of our beautiful strong boy.

(8/13/06 ~ 8/25/06)

Megwei and Biggie's pups are two weeks old!

When they are not nursing, nursing, or nursing, they are busy sleeping!
Orange, sleeping beauty
Orange girl enjoying a snooze!

Puppy Pile!
Sleeping pup-lets!

Ms. Pink
Pink girl sound asleep!

Rainbow snoozing!
Rainbow girl snoozing!

Rainbow sleeping
Don't worry, she's guessed it, SLEEPING!

Red sleeping
Another sleeping beauty, Red boy

Red on his back
Red likes to be VERY comfortable!

White boy
As does White boy!

White boy sleeping
And, did I mention when they weren't nursing, they are sleeping??

Around feeding time, the little ones start to come alive!
Puppy hickies!
Rainbow nursing
Rainbow's little nose! Yellow nursing
Rainbow and brother! Nursing pile!

After the feeding frenzy, all is quiet once again....

Yellow sleeping! Puppies sleeping!
But there are a few stragglers looking for left overs....
Orange checking Megwei for more food! Red ear check!
Orange may look like she is sleeping...but look VERY closely, instead she is checking Megwei's lips for any last crumbs! And, Red is convinced that there must be milk in Megwei's ear!

Megwei and Biggie's pups are now three weeks old!

Everyone's eyes and ears are now fully open and what an exciting world they have found!

Orange and Nicki

Orange girl

Rainbow and Nicki and David
Rainbow girl sharing a dose of "puppy breath" with family!

Red and Nicki
Red boy giving his best smile for the camera!

White and Nicki
And, White boy saying "Cheese" too!

Yellow and Nicki
Sweet Yellow girl enjoying her first sights with eyes just starting to open!

Yellow with flower
Every little Yellow girl needs her own sunflower!

Megwei and babes!
And Mother Megwei simply could not be more patient...

Megwei and babes
...nor more gentle....

Megwei and the bat ears!
...nor could she and her son look more alike with their bat ear impersonations!

Megwei and babes
A content mother...

Megwei and Orange
...and a content daughter...

Rainbow and teddy
...and a sleepy puppy with her teddy!

For Megwei's birthday and the third week celebration of the birth of the pups, the ever growing family was given a beautiful hand-made whelping box created by Bob Hill! Our deepest thanks to our dear friends Carol and Bob for their compassionate support, love and generosity.

All are so greatly appreciating their spacious accommodations!

The new whelping box!
The pups discussing their new digs!

New toys in the new box!
And, now that their eyes are open, the toys have taken up residence too!

And, their proud mother couldn't be more pleased with her new bedroom!

Megwei and Biggie's herd is now one month old!

~ This week has been a week of many firsts!

Big brawl!
The first big puppy brawl!

The First Meal
The pups first meal!
Puppy Ramp
The first attempt at earth dog tunnels!

The Ramp on the way up!
The first time up the whelping box ramp!

Three way!
The first puppy shouting match!

Puppy Ride!
The first trip in the car...that their eyes were open to see!

Chunky Monkey Blue
The first puppy (Blue) to find his mother's food bowl!

~ And, the first of many pictures of the bright bunch with eyes wide open ~

Yellow face!
Yellow girl!

Pink on her back!
Pink (on her back) and Yellow going in for a taste!


Ms. Pink!
Ms. Pink!

Blue and Red
And, being the leader of the boys, Blue has quite a bit of say...

Blue and Red
...but his little brother Red doesn't always listen and so, when all else fails...

Blue and Red
...big boy Blue just gives him the flip-a-roo!

And, the sleepy heads...
Sleepy Blue!
Sleepy Blue!

Red and Pumpkin!
Red and his pumpkin!

Nicki and pups!
Nicki with exhausted Megwei and sleepy pups!

Megwei and Rainbow
Megwei and Rainbow
Megwei and Rainbow!
Megwei and Rainbow again!

Megwei and pups
A very proud mother, Megwei

~ The herd also welcomed some very special visitors this week! ~

Alex and Red
Alex and Sydney ~ formerly known as Mr. Red

Rainbow and friends
Rainbow and her special friend

Blue and his special friend!


The "Magnificent Seven" are five weeks old!

And to celebrate they ventured outside to enjoy the unseasonably warm September weather...

Sydney ~ Red boy

The sassy and oh, so sweet...Ali ~ Yellow girl

Mr. Blue!

Pink girl

White boy

Sleeping beauties outside
Blue boy and Rainbow girl

Sydney ~ Red boy

Rainbow girl

Rainbow girl

Orange girl

Orange girl

Orange girl

Sydney ~ Red boy!

After a long 20 minutes, the pumpkin patch was exhausted...

Ali ~ Yellow girl

Puppy ice!
Sleepy puppies enjoying their cool was warm outside afterall!

The Herd is six weeks old...already!!
(Time for another photo shoot!)

Pink girl likes the camera...

...and the camera likes her!

Blue loves everything...

...and everyone loves him...

...and he knows it!

Orange wasn't in the mood for glamour shots...

...and neither was brother Sydney!

Rainbow wasn't so happy about the photo shoot either...

...but she did decide to smile for the camera!

White is always ready to smile...

White and Pooh Bear
...or, pose for pictures!!
(No! I did not tuck him in...he did that all by himself!)

...and even manages to look good while pinning down his brother!

Sydney enjoys his toys...

...but not nearly as much as hugs and kisses!

Ali likes to hog camera time...

...and with a face like this who can resist!

Ali also loves her blankie...

Mira and Rainbow
...about as much as Rainbow loves her Auntie Mira!

Seven stacked beauties at seven weeks old!

Sydney Stacked
Sydney ~ Red boy

Blue Stacked

Rose Stacked
Rose ~ Pink girl

Rainbow Stacked

Yellow Stacked
Ali ~ Yellow girl

Fred Stacked
Fred ~ White boy

Did I say seven stacked beauties?! Well, how about six and a seventh pretty face!?

Shiloh's face!
Shiloh ~ Orange girl ~ who wasn't in the mood for stacked glamour shots this week!

The herd is eight weeks old and begin to depart to their new homes!

Nicki Pups
We will surely miss you guys!

Sydney with Alex and Kathi!
Sydney with Kathi and Alex!

Blue with Robin!

Fred and Jim
Fred and Jim!

Rose and Martha
Rose with Martha!

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