Devoted to Making an Unmistaken Star of Your Canis Major.


Megwei and Biggie's pups are one week old!
And in one week they ALL gained 10 ounces!

Blue boy at one week!
Blue boy

White boy at one week!
White boy

Green boy at one week old!
Green boy

Lief and Blue
Proud grandmother Lief, with blue boy

Lief with yellow
And, grandma-ma with yellow girl

Line up!
The feast!

Yellow girl!
Yellow girl

Orange bat girl!
Bat girl Orange!

Orange sleeping
Orange girl

Rainbow at one week!
Rainbow girl

Megwei in hiding!
Where's Megwei?!?

White boy snoozing!
White boy

Blue and a pile of puppies!
Blue boy, green boy, yellow girl and rainbow girl enjoying a snooze!

Yellow girl!
Yellow girl

Orange ears!
She may be all ears but just don't tell Orange she is chubby!

Three little girls!
Three of the girls, yellow, rainbow and pink

Red boy
Red boy

Pink and blue
Pink girl and blue boy

Orange girl
Orange girl

Pink girl
Pink girl

Rainbow girl
Rainbow girl

Yellow's head
Yellow girl, up close

Chubbo Rainbow!
Pleasingly plump, Ms. Rainbow!

Megwei on her back!
Sleeping beauty and her babes

Lunch time!
Lunch time for the herd!

Orange, yellow and blue!
Orange and yellow girls and their brother, blue

Pups in bed!
Babies in bed at 10 days old!

Sleeping rainbow!
Rainbow enjoying a snooze!

Green boy at 11 days
Green boy at 12 days of age

Despite our 24 hour attendance and extraordinary vigilance, we lost our beloved Green boy to suffocation. Sadly, we have since learned that 20% of litters suffer a catastrophic loss of this nature within two weeks of birth. In light of the circumstances of his death, we have chosen to remove most of the identifying ribbons from the other seven pups in an attempt to prevent the possibility of any other sources of tragedy from ever occuring and will do our best to consistently label each picture with the puppies original colored ribbon.

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane
I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. - Unknown

Green boy
Our hearts are broken over the loss of our beautiful strong boy.

(8/13/06 ~ 8/25/06)