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Megwei and Biggie's pups are two weeks old!

When they are not nursing, nursing, or nursing, they are busy sleeping!
Orange, sleeping beauty
Orange girl enjoying a snooze!

Puppy Pile!
Sleeping pup-lets!

Ms. Pink
Pink girl sound asleep!

Rainbow snoozing!
Rainbow girl snoozing!

Rainbow sleeping
Don't worry, she's guessed it, SLEEPING!

Red sleeping
Another sleeping beauty, Red boy

Red on his back
Red likes to be VERY comfortable!

White boy
As does White boy!

White boy sleeping
And, did I mention when they weren't nursing, they are sleeping??

Around feeding time, the little ones start to come alive!
Puppy hickies!
Rainbow nursing
Rainbow's little nose! Yellow nursing
Rainbow and brother! Nursing pile!

After the feeding frenzy, all is quiet once again....

Yellow sleeping! Puppies sleeping!
But there are a few stragglers looking for left overs....
Orange checking Megwei for more food! Red ear check!
Orange may look like she is sleeping...but look VERY closely, instead she is checking Megwei's lips for any last crumbs! And, Red is convinced that there must be milk in Megwei's ear!