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Megwei and Biggie's pups are now three weeks old!

Everyone's eyes and ears are now fully open and what an exciting world they have found!

Orange and Nicki

Orange girl

Rainbow and Nicki and David
Rainbow girl sharing a dose of "puppy breath" with family!

Red and Nicki
Red boy giving his best smile for the camera!

White and Nicki
And, White boy saying "Cheese" too!

Yellow and Nicki
Sweet Yellow girl enjoying her first sights with eyes just starting to open!

Yellow with flower
Every little Yellow girl needs her own sunflower!

Megwei and babes!
And Mother Megwei simply could not be more patient...

Megwei and babes
...nor more gentle....

Megwei and the bat ears!
...nor could she and her son look more alike with their bat ear impersonations!

Megwei and babes
A content mother...

Megwei and Orange
...and a content daughter...

Rainbow and teddy
...and a sleepy puppy with her teddy!

For Megwei's birthday and the third week celebration of the birth of the pups, the ever growing family was given a beautiful hand-made whelping box created by Bob Hill! Our deepest thanks to our dear friends Carol and Bob for their compassionate support, love and generosity.

All are so greatly appreciating their spacious accommodations!

The new whelping box!
The pups discussing their new digs!

New toys in the new box!
And, now that their eyes are open, the toys have taken up residence too!

And, their proud mother couldn't be more pleased with her new bedroom!