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Megwei and Biggie's herd is now one month old!

~ This week has been a week of many firsts!

Big brawl!
The first big puppy brawl!

The First Meal
The pups first meal!
Puppy Ramp
The first attempt at earth dog tunnels!

The Ramp on the way up!
The first time up the whelping box ramp!

Three way!
The first puppy shouting match!

Puppy Ride!
The first trip in the car...that their eyes were open to see!

Chunky Monkey Blue
The first puppy (Blue) to find his mother's food bowl!

~ And, the first of many pictures of the bright bunch with eyes wide open ~

Yellow face!
Yellow girl!

Pink on her back!
Pink (on her back) and Yellow going in for a taste!


Ms. Pink!
Ms. Pink!

Blue and Red
And, being the leader of the boys, Blue has quite a bit of say...

Blue and Red
...but his little brother Red doesn't always listen and so, when all else fails...

Blue and Red
...big boy Blue just gives him the flip-a-roo!

And, the sleepy heads...
Sleepy Blue!
Sleepy Blue!

Red and Pumpkin!
Red and his pumpkin!

Nicki and pups!
Nicki with exhausted Megwei and sleepy pups!

Megwei and Rainbow
Megwei and Rainbow
Megwei and Rainbow!
Megwei and Rainbow again!

Megwei and pups
A very proud mother, Megwei


~ The herd also welcomed some very special visitors this week! ~

Alex and Red
Alex and Sydney ~ formerly known as Mr. Red

Rainbow and friends
Rainbow and her special friend

Blue and his special friend!