Devoted to Making an Unmistaken Star of Canis Major.


* Unmistaken Star *

Yes, we really did name the farm after this complicated red head!

Unmistaken Star, called Star for short, is a stereotypical Chestnut Thoroughbred mare and for those who are familiar with Linda Tellington Jones' cowlick analysis, she has two centered on her forehead! Star is a twenty two year off the track Thoroughbred. Her breeder bred her to race yet didn't wean her from her mother until she was two years old. It was at the time of weaning that Star was brought to the racetrack and, as would be expected, it was not a peaceful transition. Star developed severe territorial aggression in her stall and was unmanageable under saddle. In response to her behavior, the trainer whipped her which only resulted in further regression in Star's behavior.

At the time Star arrived at Unmistaken Stars Farm Sanctuary, she was biting, kicking, rearing and bucking, all while being handled on the ground. She spent the good part of her first two years with us simply learning how to trust human beings. Slowly she learned that wheeling around threatening to kick resulted in not a whip across her back but a butt scratch delivered from a safe distance! She came to discover that people came to her stall to bring her food not fear and that behaving politely on the ground resulted in access to pasture and horse companions. While Star remains a challenging horse, one who requires a skilled, patient and calm handler, she has overcome tremendous abuse to be a horse that has found safety here at the sanctuary.


Due in part to her formative years and perception of stress, Star is a chronic colicer (prone to serious digestive ailments requiring veterinary intervention) which necessitates dietary management.
Star is looking for a sponsor who can keep up with her fiery ways to assist with her monthly expenses.

Grain $40
Hay - $150
Supplement - $70

Shavings - $105
Total per Month - $365

Donations are welcomed through Paypal. Please designate if you are interested in providing ongoing sponsorship to Star (sponsors will be provided with monthly personal updates and photos of their sponsored animal) or, a one time donation to a particular animal. Donations not designated will be allocated to the animal most in need.



Thank you in advance for considering support of an animal at Unmistaken Stars Farm Sanctuary.
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